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Yes, you can withdraw your X Card Miles to Krisflyer

TLDR; Since the X Card launched, we have been getting multiple questions from our readers about whether their miles on the X card can be redeemed to Krisflyer, hence decided to write this as a PSA of sorts. Yes, you can withdraw the miles to Krisflyer – just login to SC mobile banking using a web browser rather than the mobile app Back in end-July, Standard Chartered launched its newest credit card targeting affluent millenials with a huge 100,000 miles signup bonus that was a great windfall (milefall?) for many credit card users who were able to meet the...

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You are throwing away money (and paying for my credit card rewards) if you use cash

Credit cards and the accompanying rewards (airline miles, cashback) are a huge business in Singapore. If you are currently a credit card user, you will no doubt be aware of the countless credit cards available out there offering all types of benefits and rewards, as well as aggressive signup promotions to constantly try to get you to sign up for new cards. Even if you are not a credit card user, there is no way to miss the countless credit card booths in shopping centres all around Singapore offering free travel suitcases/bags/other goodies in exchange for getting you to...

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Should you invest your money using DBS's recently launched robo-advisory services?

DBS recently launched their digiPortfolio, a robo-advisory service targeting retail investors. While a robo-advisory service is not directly related to credit cards, we thought that this was an interesting development in the personal finance industry and that our readers would be interested to read our assessment. Let us know in the comments below if you found this article useful and would like us to spend more time on non-credit card related articles such as these! Robo-advisory services are provided by asset management firms, which can be a large bank such as DBS, or specialised startups such as Stashaway and...

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WhatCard in August: Growing our user engagement

Between us 3 co-founders of WhatCard, August was always planned to be a slightly lower-key (in terms of development) month for us, with each of us having significant periods of absences this month due to extended personal holidays and other commitments. As a result, we had not planned to complete major feature releases over this past month, but instead focused on stabilizing our rewards/credit card comparison tool and growing engagement across both our tool and our community forum/blog site while continuing to fix any further issues/errors as we prepare for formal launch of WhatCard sometime in the coming 1-2...

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Is the StanChart Unlimited$aver and Unlimited Card with 5% cashback a good deal?

Standard Chartered ad featuring 5% unlimited cashback A credit card that offers 5% cashback on all spend, with no minimum spending and no cashback cap My eyes popped out at one of the largest percentage cashback available with no minimum spend or cashback cap conditions that Singapore has ever seen. Is this for real? After rubbing my eyes for a bit and reading through the terms and conditions, reality struck me – I was again a victim of marketing, and it seems like there are only certain situations where this credit card strategy is worth it. In short, the...

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Here is how you can maximize credit card sign-up promotions with minimal effort

Did you know that you are leaving money on table by being loyal and charging your lifestyle expenses to the one or two credit cards in your wallet? In this competitive world today, banks are (literally) fighting for a share of your wallet. So, if you are not actively in the market signing up for new credit cards on offer, you could miss the opportunity to receive welcome gifts worth hundreds of dollars! We are writing this post to share with you how you can take advantage of some of these promotions today by following a few simple steps....

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Is the StanChart Unlimited$aver and Unlimited Card with 5% cashback worth it?

A credit card with 5% cashback on all spend, with no minimum spending. My eyes popped out at one of the largest percentage cashback Singapore has ever seen. Is this for real? For general spending and no cashback cap as well! After rubbing my eyes for a bit and reading the terms and conditions, reality struck me. I was again a victim of marketing, and it seems like there are only certain situations where this credit card strategy was worth it. I would say that the UnlimitedCombo (Unlimited credit card and Unlimited$aver account) is probably most similar to DBS...

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OCBC just launched a new miles card that is a better version of the DBS Altitude / Citi PremierMiles (for now)

For those of our readers who are into the miles game, you will know that the available mass market (those with the usual $30,000 annual income requirement) miles credit cards out there can be roughly split into two types General spending cards that give 1.1-1.4 MPD (Mile Per Dollar spent) on all local spend such as the DBS Altitude, Citi PremierMiles, UOB PRVI Miles, and AMEX Krisflyer/Ascend Specialist cards that give up to 3-4 MPD on specific categories such as the UOB PPV (less spend), DBS WWMC (online spend) and OCBC Titanium/Citi Rewards (shopping spend) Adding to the already...

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Get up to 10% cashback when paying for your taxes, utilities and insurance bills with this simple trick

From our experience running the WhatCard credit card consultation and community forum over the last two months – without fail the most popular question posed to us has been around which best credit card to use for unavoidable monthly bills such as telephone bills, utility bills, insurance, and tax payments. This has always been a tough one to address because most of these organisations don’t accept credit card payments, instead making you pay your bills either via AXS/SAM machines or internet banking bill payment. Even if they do accept credit cards, payments made to government entities such as HDB,...

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Best Cashback Card for One-Off & Lump Sum Spending

Regular cashback credit card users will know that while many cards advertise an attractive 5%, 6%, or 8% cashback, hidden in the T&Cs are various restrictions on applicable send categories as well as caps on the cashback amount. For example, the DBS Live Fresh Card offers a 5% cashback on online and less spending, but total cashback is capped at S$60 per month hence any spending above S$1200 does not earn you any more rewards. From our own experience running WhatCard’s free credit card consultation service, we know that many of our users have questions about how to get...

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Travel Hack: How You Can Fly Singapore Airlines Suites Class for $695.50 (Updated Aug 2019)

1 August update:Due to strong demand StanChart ended its 100,000 miles signup promo on 31 July instead, a month earlier than originally announced – and changed the promo amount going forward to 60,000 miles instead. While the terms are not as eye-popping as before, our opinion is that this is still a really good offer worth taking up as long as you are able to meet the minimum spend requirements updated screenshot from updated application page Singapore to Osaka on the Singapore Airlines Suites Class An insanely good credit card deal was launched today that allows you to fly...

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Best Credit Card Strategy to Save More on Grab Top Up

TLDR; Apply for a UOB One Card and top up your Grab wallet with 5 transactions of $100 every month. Purchase a Commute Plan to cover all your monthly Grab rides. Share Grab credits with a friend if $500 is too much to spend a month. Save on your Grab rides and maximize your casback! Step 1: Use the UOB One Card for Grab top-ups to get up to 10% cashback The UOB One Card was revised in January this year to award an additional 5% on ALL Grab transactions including Grab Wallet Topups. Getting bonus cashback on Grab...

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