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Dead cat bounce? or Buying opportunity?

Dead cat bounce? or Buying opportunity? Listen to CNBC, Bloomberg etc? Overwhelming with different news and opinions. Don’t know what to trust or follow? Don’t know when to enter and exit the stock market? Both I and my clients are able to stay calm and invest confidently during economic growth and able to exit the stock market prior to a recession. No fanciful chart. No beautiful story to tell.  Just my BEAR...

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Now USDSGD is 1.40. Does this happen by chance? or I have a crystal ball at home. I received few PM that they are burned by the recent sell-down. Asking me what to do. to hold or cut loss? This question is depends on who you are. whether you are a investor or trader. If you are a investor, you should buy more. cos now the stock is cheaper. If you are a trader, you should have cut loss. follow the trend. Those who don’t know what to do is because they don’t have a SYSTEM to...

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