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Best Passive Savings Accounts for 2018

By The Boy Who Procrastinates – June 01, 2018 This is a continuation from the previous post on Active Savings Accounts, which are mainly targeted at salaried employees. For the self-employed/freelancers who do not draw salary through GIRO with transaction reference codes of SAL/PAY, or the frugal bunch who struggle with spending $500 on your credit card a month, fret not! There is a series of savings accounts that do not require you to complete the burdensome hurdles of salary crediting or credit card spending. In such scenarios, it will definitely be worthwhile to look into passive savings accounts instead. UOB Stash...

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Best Active Savings Accounts for 2018

This year, I was approached to provide an insight on the best savings account to achieve the highest interest rate. Before proceeding further, I have broken down the definition of savings account into the following categories:  Active Savings Accounts: Savings accounts that require accountholders to complete certain prerequisites such as crediting of salary or credit card spending in order to receive higher interest.Passive Savings Accounts: Savings accounts that does not require accountholders to complete certain prerequisites to receive interest. Generally have lower interest compared to active savings accounts. With the proliferation of savings accounts offered by various financial institutions, It’s no wonder that we...

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Singapore Savings Bonds and its Historical Trends

Today’s topic which I am going to talk about is the Singapore Savings Bond (“SSB”). It is a type of government bond that is fully backed by the Singapore Government which makes it one of the safest instruments to invest in.  There has been chatter around it due to the upcoming May issue which sees a historical high of 1.65% in its 1-year interest rate. But just how good is this current issue in terms of interest rate, as compared with the previous ones in SSB’s history?  As we now have more data collected since its first tranche launched...

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Maximum Tax Savings Calculator for Shared Parent Relief

By The Boy Who Procrastinates – April 06, 2018 With just approximately 1 more week to the due date for the filing of individual income tax, I would like to share this calculator for Parent Relief. Before going into details, let us take a step back for the uninitiated and have an overview of the parent relief. Parent Relief / Handicapped Parent Relief To qualify for the Parent Relief / Handicapped Parent Relief for YA2018, the following conditions must be satisfied: Dependent was living in Singapore in 2017. Dependent living in the same household as you. If the dependent lived in...

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Analysis of Starhill Global REIT

By The Boy Who Procrastinates – April 01, 2018 I have purchased 10,000 shares of Starhill Global REIT(“SGR”) at $0.715 in March. At this buying price, it is trading at 21.4% discount to its adjusted NAV/unit of $0.91. This also translates to a distribution yield of 6.49% based on the annualised 2Q FY17/18 DPU of 4.64 cents/unit. As this is my first write-up piece to analyse a listed company, please bear with me if it is inadequate. Any feedback is welcomed as well. Profile of SGR I believe SGR needs no introduction given that most Singaporeans shop at Wisma...

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Portfolio Review for March 2018

By The Boy Who Procrastinates – March 31, 2018 With a blink of an eye, we have now come to the end of the March. This also marks the end of the 1st quarter of 2018. For the market, March can be described as a month of volatility with the STI dropping 2.44% from 3513.85 to 3427.97, occasionally crossing the 3300 range during the last few days of the month.  On the other hand, the SGX S-REIT 20 Index was trading sideway from 1239.088 to 1244.381, with an increment of 0.43%.  Action in March I have purchased 10,000 shares of Starhill...

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Overview of Integrated Shield Plans (Premium Comparison Table for all 6 insurers included)

By The Boy Who Procrastinates – March 17, 2018 Following from the previous post on the Pyramid of Insurance Needs, I will touch on the Hospitalization component of the pyramid in this post. Citing a common saying: “One can die, but cannot fall ill”, it underscores the growing concerns of the high healthcare cost in Singapore. In my opinion, hospital bills can potentially have a devastating impact to your wealth. While I am thankful that I have not been admitted to hospital before (touch wood!), I understand that we should not be taking good health for granted. Given that...

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