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(Post 111/Year 2 week 32)Learning investing/trading together part 18:How to read financial statements and financial ratio part 3

Continue on from the last post here… 3.Debt Debt to equity This is an important ratio and it will determine if you are evaluating a highly gear company. Companies with high borrowing are subjected to higher risk than companies with no or low debt. Investors would look at this ratio to determine the company’s ability to repay its debt It measures the total liabilities to total shareholder equity. A higher ratio could mean the company is higher financed by debt Ideal Range: 2.0 or less Debt to Net Profit Debt to Net Profit=Total Debt/Net Profit It measures the company’s debt to its net...

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(Post 109/Year 2 Week 31)TipforThought: Tips on avoiding crowds during the holiday and staying awake after a late night

How to avoid crowd during holiday Hi,this week my post will be talking about the various strategy to avoid crowd during vacation We probably all want our vacation to be as smooth as possible as after all we are financings the trip with our hard earn money.And of course one of the major factor that would spoil our lovely vacation is the Incessant crowds,here are some quick tip you can do to make our vacation as perfecto as possible1.Schedule your holiday at a weekday Yes,this is pretty straightforward,a place will generally get more crowded during the weekend as people...

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