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The SC Checklist for Extended Travel

It’s good stuff, share it! We are leaving Singapore in exactly 14 hours, woohooo! Seriously stoked. Can’t wait for this adventure to begin! At the same time, still having mixed feelings. It’s about going off into the unknown. Travelling on an extended trip is a whole different beast compared to the kind of travels we have ever done for periods no longer than 2.5 weeks. This may sound nerdy but we are spreadsheet people. We have spreadsheets for everything because behind every decision, there must be solid financials and sound planning. Both require a spreadsheet, at the most basic...

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The best place for ideas

It’s good stuff, share it! What’s your best source of ideas or inspiration? For me, it is social media. Social media can be a double edged sword.Some say it is useless and yet sometimes it’s a great way to connect to ideas that are trending. For example, Instagram (love it as we do) is a bit leisure oriented to me because it tends to feature travel/style/foodporn to occupy time and entertain. Do follow our Instagram for photo updates of our upcoming mini-retirement’s Great Adventure through Europe and South America! On the other hand, I find Twitter to be a...

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