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Singapore Dividends for Financial Freedom – Can Meditation boost your Portfolio?

For years I’ve flirted with meditation. I’ve read many books and articles about how to sit, breath, let go etc. but like many others, I’ve never quite worked it into my daily routine. I always find an excuse not to bother. Anyone else in the same boat? Running is more my game, and it, too, is difficult for many to enjoy. During the first few months practicing, your body feels like its going to give up. We’ve all been there: lungs on fire, legs heavy and bursting with lactic acid etc. Now, I’ll be first to say feeling these...

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Singapore Dividends for Financial Freedom – Epiphanies and Investing Woes

We’ve all had conversations and experiences that make us stop and think. It might be a word someone uses that evokes a deep and painful memory; maybe a loved one shuns you at an important moment; perhaps a once cherished and profoundly important place in your life ceases to be. Whatever happens, life will use this opportunity to reveal a truth, one previously veiled and unfathomable. In James Joyce’s first book, Dubliners, a collection of 15 short stories published in 1915, he explored this idea using early 20th century Dublin, Ireland as his experimental canvas. On this, he paints...

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Singapore Dividends for Financial Freedom – Random Thoughts on Sunday Morning

I can’t believe 2018 is drawing to a close. It’s been a quick one for sure. I remember as a kid adults would talk about how times flies when you get older. Never have truer words been spoken. It’s like a celestial time-lord has lost it and is tweaking with the laws of space and time. Boom! there goes another year! So, with only one month to go and the party season fast approaching, what’s an investor to do? For December, I’ll be taking it easy and reading up the usual blogs on sginvestbloggers It’s my no. 1 go to place...

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Singapore Dividends for Financial Freedom – First REIT – to be or not to be?

First REIT has taken a battering recently, with its share price bouncing about like drunken town crier. The counter has been on my watch list for sometime, and I’ve been waiting for the opportunity – and the cash –  to invest more into the counter as a long term play. Of course, it’s been down-graded based on Flinch’s assessment of Lippo Karawaci, the main sponsor and tenant of First REITS properties. Now, this move gives First REIT’s investors cause for concern, but I think the crazed market sell off has been based on emotion rather than rationality. Also, compounding matters...

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Singapore Dividends for Financial Freedom – Marxists in the SGX, Pleasing Others and The Zombie Apocalypse

How are you all tonight? As you probably know, Sunday morning is my usual time to let my mind run amok and deliver you all a generous slice of my thoughts. But, here we are on Tuesday, and I find myself drawn inescapably to my Blogger account. What is going on? Am I witnessing the early signs of a massive breakdown? Is my life going to implode and spiral embarrassingly out of control? Am I becoming a social deviant? LOL! I think not.All this frantic typing could has its roots in more fertile soil (or so I hope). Perhaps sub-conscious desires to become a...

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Singapore Dividends for Financial Freedom – Aristotle, Friendship and Investing

Morning all you crazy cats. I trust life is treating you well. Here we are on another Sunday morning. Time does fly by. I’ve been bashing out this blog now for 4 months and it feels good. Some people go shopping to lift their mood; others eat or puff on a cigarette. None of these work for me. Typing gives me time to order my thought in a linear fashion, while breathing deeply and pondering the mysteries of this strange planet. This contemplative time is becoming ever more important in these crazy times as social media and instant messaging...

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Singapore Dividends for Financial Freedom – Drink Less and Find Out More

Good morning on this beautiful Sunday. With blue skies and a delectable cool breeze from the east; this is going to be a good day. I trust all of you are well or as close to well as can be. I’m buzzing today actually, and I put this down to a couple of factors, which I’ll talk about today. 1. Cutting down on the beer All my adult life, I’ve flirted with booze. Thankfully, I’ve stayed away – on the whole – from the harder stuff and stuck to mainly larger. That said our relationship has been long term...

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Singapore Dividends for Financial Freedom – Trail Running and Investing

Jungle Running and Investing: Two Peas in a Pod Alright folks. Here we all are again on another Sunday morning. And, my goodness aren’t we having fun? October was a bumpy ride in the markets, prompting many to freak and run to the hills in the grips of an atavistic freak out: Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Last week I commented on this in my post Chill Out in which I asked the spooked masses to think again before they do something silly, based on emotion rather than rational analysis. So, how has your week been? I hope you’ve had a good one. Something I’ve...

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Singapore Dividends for Financial Freedom – Chill Out

Well folks, how are you? With the STI down about 20% and the media screaming bloody murder, what’s a man to do? Many people are selling stocks like there’s no tomorrow. I’ve seen friends glued to Bloomburg, their eyes pinned open like Malcolm in A Clockwork Orange, grating their teeth. ‘I just can’t believe what’s happening in the markets. This is weird’ he said to me. ‘What’s so strange about it?’ I replied. He rubbed his red, puffy eyes with the back of his hand and said, ‘Who knew there would be a crash?’ I walked away from this...

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