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Optimising for Income VS Budgeting your Latte

I wanted to expand on a quick update post I did recently on optimising for income. There are generally two directions you can choose (or better yet, both!) to eke out money for investments; you can cut down on existing spends, or you can try to increase your income. I find that generally, my willpower is not super strong, so I tend to favour the 2nd option, and I will try to show you why, here. Cutting down on existing expenditure, or some people like saying, going the frugal way, requires a lot of discipline. Depending on what you...

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Income Report – August 2019

August was a month of changes. A month of transitioning from my previous role with Vrbo/HomeAway, taking a much appreciated one week break from work, and prepping for the new job. That said, I managed to put in some trades, but only closed on one in August for Facebook, for a $392 profit. Not great as far as income goes, but still a positive. Hopefully September brings a better return. Trade war headwinds really made the last few months rather tricky to manoeuvre. But that also brings about volatility and opportunity. On the personal front, I’ve since started at...

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Invest in Art with Masterworks

Technology and the concept of distributed, or fractional ownership, is driving the adoption of what was once investments reserved for the rich and fancy. Big ticket investments like property and art are now becoming affordable and aimed at the masses, with companies like Partbnb and Masterworks paving the way in this respect. I happened to stumble upon the masterworks site and thought it was interesting. After all, the art market does not have a positive correlation to other asset classes like the equities market, so it could prove to be a good diversification strategy. Art also seems to be...

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