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My Investment Portfolio (End Nov 2018)

Transactions made in Nov 2018: – Sold 4,500 units of First Reit at $0.945 – Bought 100 units of SIA at $9.25 – Bought 1,000 units of Keppel Corp at $6.11 I broke my no transaction streak by making what appears to be 2 very weird transactions. Firstly, I cut loss on First Reit. I had attempted to cut loss at higher prices but both prices were not fulfilled. The reason why I cut loss was because of the liquidity issues Lippo Karawaci is facing. Lippo Karawaci is First Reit’s main income contributor. With this issue, the fundamentals of why I bought First...

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My Investment Portfolio (End Oct 2018)

Although there was no transactions made in Oct 2018, it was an exciting month. The stock market seems to be more bearish and this presents buying opportunity. I have some purchase orders and 1 sell order in the queue. Not sure if I will manage to get those purchase orders as I have keyed in a lower price since I am on the cautious end and do not know how low the stocks will go. Also, considering the fact that I have limited warchest. If the market goes up, I am still happy, since I am already vested in the...

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My Investment Portfolio (End Sep 2018)

It has been a relatively quite month in Sep. I did not make any transactions and there was no interesting corporate news. The usual noises were the potential trade war (some view it as trade war already) between USA and China. Interestingly, the last week of Sep became more exciting with news that Keppel and SPH plans to buy the rest of M1 that they do not own at $2.06 per share. Dividends received* in Sep 2018: $108.75 (Ascendas Reit) Total dividends received in 2018: $5,941.97 Average dividends per month: $495.16 Total Portfolio Market Value: $164,632.16 * Dividends are recognised after ex-dividend (xd) date #...

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My Investment Portfolio (End Aug 2018)

Although there was no transactions made in Aug 2018, it was an exciting month. Many of the companies which I was vested in announced their results and their dividends went XD during the month too. I am watching Singtel, ST Engineering and Keppel Corp closely as I may increase my holdings in them if the price drops further. Dividends received* in Aug 2018: $1,095.99 (Wilmar Intl, Raffles Medical, ComfortDelGro, ST Engineering, Sing Post, OCBC, IREIT Global, Old Chang Kee, Sheng Siong, M1, Mapletree NAC Tr, Mapletree Com...

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My Investment Portfolio (End Jul 2018)

Transactions made in Jul 2018: – Bought 600 units of Keppel Corp at $7 I added on Keppel Corp as it had dropped a fair bit since reaching $8++. I doubt oil prices will recover and go back to over 100 dollars anytime soon. But I still chose to invest in Keppel Corp as its business is also in other sectors such as property and investment. Unfortunately, the share price took a hit when the government announced measures to cool the private property market. The month of Jul (and in Aug) will be exciting as many companies will be announcing...

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Singapore Savings Bonds As Part Of Emergency Funds?

Singapore Savings Bonds As Part Of Emergency Funds? This is a question which I have been pondering recently. I am sure those who follow financial blogs would have heard of Singapore Saving Bonds (SSB). For those who are not aware of SSB, it is essentially a form of Singapore Government Securities (SGS) that is available for subscription by individuals. The aim of SSB is to provide individuals with a safe and flexible way to save for the long term. If you hold your Savings Bond for the full 10 years, the average return per year on your investment will...

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My Investment Portfolio (End Jun 2018)

Transactions made in Jun 2018: – Bought 4,500 units of First Reit at $1.33 – Bought 1,000 units of SingTel at $3.10 – Bought 1,800 units of Frasers Logistics and Industrial Trust at $0.967 (via rights issue) – Bought 156 units of Raffles Medical at $0.99 (via scrip dividends) The threat of a full blown global trade war has impacted the STI. No one knows for sure whether the trade war will happen and whether this will eventually lead to a bear market.  In addition, the interest rate hikes seems to be having some impact on shares and even reits....

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My Investment Portfolio (End May 2018)

Transactions made in May 2018: – Bought 5,000 units of NetLink NBN Trust at $0.81 During the month of May, I only managed to purchase NetLink NBN Trust despite queuing for several shares such as First Reit, Singtel and Keppel Corp. I had bought NetLink NBN Trust one and a half weeks before it XD. I am likely to hold this for short term and will sell it if it hits my selling price before the next round of dividends. Looking at the recent developments where Hyflux seeks court protection for debt reorganisation, I am glad that I cut loss and sold it at a lose of...

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My Investment Portfolio (End Feb 2018)

Name Port(%) Shares Current Value ($) ST Engineering 11.78% 5,000 17,050 ComfortDelGro 9.82% 7,000 14,210 Keppel DC Reit 9.38% 9,700 13,580 Keppel Corp 8.87% 1,600 12,832 Frasers L&I Tr 7.53% 10,000 10,900 Raffles Medical 6.76% 8,501 9,776 SingTel 4.67% 2,000 6,760 OCBC Bank 4.51% 500 6,530 Wilmar Intl 4.46% 2,000 6,460 SingPost 3.84% 4,000 5,560 Sheng Siong 3.23% 5,000 4,675 Accordia Golf Tr 3.12% 7,000 4,515 CapitaCom Trust 3.11% 2,600 4,498 Sembcorp Marine 2.93% 2,000 4,240 Jumbo 2.76% 7,000 3,990 Ascendas Reit 2.75% 1,500 3,975 Suntec Reit 2.74% 2,000 3,960 M1 2.42% 2,000 3,500 Mapletree Com Tr 2.39% 2,200...

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