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Effect of Compounding Part 2 – Early Repayment for a HDB Housing Loan

In a previous post I mentioned I will revisit the effect of repaying HDB Housing Loan earlier (link here). I believe thoughts of repaying the HDB Loan must have crossed the minds of some homeowners out there to finish paying off the mortgage earlier with the goal of becoming debt-free. This post will explore the example of doing early repayment for a $300,000 HDB Housing Loan. Let’s call this homeowner with this loan Mr A. If we recall the formula of compounding: Paying off a $300,000 HDB Housing Loan (prevailing interest rate of 0.1% above CPF-OA Interest, which is...

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The Process of Marriage and applying for Long-Term Visit Pass for my wife (non-citizen spouse)

My wife has finally gotten her Long-Term Visit Pass (LTVP)! :) I feel so happy for ourselves that this day has finally come. My motivation for writing this article is to aid other couples who experiences similar cases to us – we hope this information will help you, and if there is any way we can further improve the information given in this post, please let us know, and well wishes to the other similar couples out there! :) The process is broken down into the following stages: 1) Permission to Marry* 2) Pre-Marriage Assessment for LTVP* 3) Marriage...

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Why I am bullish on AMAL

This post is quoted and based on an analysis done by someone at InvestingNote, and I have trouble finding the link; if you are the original writer, please let me know so I can give credit to you. Stage 1 production = 155,000 tpa Stage 1 production with Lithium Fine Circuit (LFC) = 220,000 tpa (Taken from the interview with TAW CEO) by end of 2018 Stage 2 production with LFC = 440,000 tpa (Taken from the interview with TAW CEO) by Jun 2019 Production rate will be almost 3 times the rate of stage 1  production. The timeline...

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CPF Musings

Figure I want to do a write-up on CPF after thinking about its usage and my planning for long-term goal. First, let’s start with reviewing the benefits we receive in CPF. Benefits CPF-OA gets a 2.5% guaranteed interest rate. CPF-SA, CPF-MA and CPF-RA gets a 4% guaranteed interest rate. First 60k in CPF gets an extra 1% interest rate, of which up to 20k is contributed by CPF-OA. CPF-RA will get an additional 1% on top of the first 60k We can transfer funds in CPF-OA to CPF-SA (however this will not be tax deductible.). This is irreversible. Next...

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