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Savings Account for NSF – POSB Save As You Serve

National Service is compulsory for all Singaporeans male. I myself is enlisting to serve the nation this year too. Before I go into today’s post, this post is not sponsored by POSB. The reason I wrote this post because I came across this savings account while suggesting some recommend bank accounts for my friend in NS. This post is to share the savings account NSF should have for the next 2 years of service. NS is a great opportunity where you can save as much money as possible to partially fund your further education fees. Remember how our parents...

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January 2019 – Portfolio and Transactions

S/N Name of Counter No of Shares Market Price Market Value % Portfolio Value 1 USX: UPRO 5 $42 $210 2.31% 2 Frasers Logistics and Industrial Trust 2300 $1.08 $2484 27.15% 3 T2023-S$ Temasek Bond 3000 $1.025 $3130.35 34.22% 4 Singtel 1100 $3.02 $3,322 36.32%   Total     $9146.35   (SGD) 100% Dividends received in 2019: $74.80 from Singtel on 10 Jan 2019. Profit and Loss (Inclusive of Closed Positions and Dividends) : $540.84 (4.74%) XIRR: 9.98% Click here for my current positionsClick here for my portfolio report Transactions I bought 47 shares of UPRO (ProShares UltraPro S&P 500...

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January 2019 – Should you buy the upcoming or latest SSB issue?

I understand that we Singaporeans always want to have the best deals. Starting from the previous post about Singapore Savings Bond, I will be posting comparison of whether to buy into the latest or the upcoming issue. Before we do any comparison, let’s do a recap how MAS derives the rates for SSB using the full month SGS rate. SSB rates are derived by doing an average on the respective daily SGS benchmark yields from the month before the public notice of issuance. The bottom of the screenshot shows the average rate for the month of December. Looking at...

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Singtel Analysis – Walkthrough of all businesses of Singtel

Singtel is well-liked by many investors. However, it has not been a great year investing in Singtel when it is down about 14%. Singtel is my first investment in 2018 and I have been holding it since then and it is not making any returns for me except the 5.6% dividend yield. To be honest, buying Singtel is a mistake because I did not study the industry Singtel is in and why Singtel share price is dropping. There is always a reason why its share price drops. I guess I have paid the price for not doing any substantial...

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Analysis of Ascendas Reit and Mapletree Industrial Trust

In this article, I will be analysing two of the largest Industrial REITS – Ascendas REIT (AREIT) and Mapletree Industrial Reit. AREIT did a comparison of all REITS’ Assets under Management (AUM) chart. Looking at the chart, we can see that AREIT is the largest industrial REIT with more than $10 billion AUM while MIT is the third largest industrial REIT with more than $4.4 billion AUM. Both AREIT and MIT have strong sponsors. Ascendas Singbridge, a joint venture by both Temasek (51%) and JTC (49%), which owns 19% of AREIT, is a leading sustainable urban development and business...

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