Author: A millennials attempt at adulting

Being alone.

This afternoon, I had to attend some training and after the longest time, I had to settle lunch outside alone. Even though I am a true blue introvert, there is just something about solo meals under the glaring eyes of the public that still slightly intimidates me. I mean, over the past few years, I have definitely grown to be more comfortable with hanging out with just myself. You know those quotes saying ‘Learn how to enjoy spending time with yourself, and you’ll never truly feel alone’? I remember treating that as my mantra for a period of time...

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What are we working hard for?

It’s the end of Sunday. I looked at the clock, and was thinking to myself – damn, we are already 3 days in, out of 4 days of this long weekend. I remember starting the week on Monday, wishing it were already Friday. I kinda felt bad for feeling that. I mean, is that how my life is going to be? Looking forward to weekends? How can I possibly live my days fully if i were to only look forward to weekdays, and always wishing that weekdays would come to an end as quickly as possible? Sometimes i just...

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