StashAway introduced some major changes around mid-August. The changes had did not affect July’s portfolio but I will briefly mention it here:
– New and more ETFs
– Re-optimisation of portfolio once changes are reviewed or automatically on 28th August – Computation of portfolio returns (total return, time-weighted return, and money-weighted return)  – UI changes

More information can be found here – We’ve Added New Asset Classes and Geographies to Your Investments

We stopped contributing to CZM SRS account because she will stop working soon – “Semi-Retirement” For CZM.

Anyway, we have 3 portfolios on 2 accounts now due to our new strategy – New Strategy: StashAway + Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS):
KPO and CZM Cash – StashAway Risk Index 20%

KPO SRS – StashAway Risk Index 13% CZM SRS – StashAway Risk Index 13%
1. PORTFOLIO SUMMARY (as of the last day of the month) KPO CZM
Based on the statement (31 Jul 2019), KPO made $1,906.91 and CZM made $79.45.