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By evankoh posted on 19 Aug 2019 &nbsp- &nbsp162 views

In February this year, StocksCafe started a referral program where you can get a high quality limited edition StocksCafe T-shirt if you refer people to sign up with StocksCafe and become a Friend of StocksCafe. The program was supposed to end on 9th August 2019.

I have received feedback from some users who are actively referring that they really love the T-shirt. Therefore, I have decided to extend this program till the end of this year (i.e. 31 December 2019). Please continue to support StocksCafe by referring more users to StocksCafe.

Get your referral code/url here and have your referees ensure the referral code section is filled out with your code when signing up!

The Awesome T-Shirt

In case you are unsure on how to start sharing StocksCafe with others, here are some suggestions:
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