1. Raffles Medical Group (SGX : BSL)

Raffles Medical is a large name in Healthcare and Hospital services in Singapore. It has a network of clinics in 5 countries and 13 cities as well as 2 hospitals (one under development) in China.

We believe that healthcare services are not determined by cyclical factors such as GDP and will maintain profitability during periods of extended slowdown.

It is also able to raise prices on their customers, alongside rising costs from inflation. This allows them to avoid tightening profit margins.

Furthermore, Raffles Medical shows large growth potential. Aging Populations in China and Singapore has led to increased demand for Raffles Medical services.

This aging population will support Raffles Medical’s China Expansion plans to build a hospital in Chongqing and Shanghai.

Raffles Medical is priced at $1.00, with a pricey P/E ratio of 27.03x and dividend yield of 2.45%.

2. SBS Transit (SGX