My opinion is that a large percentage of the population of ‘developed’ nations are very well-banked, has no immediate pressing need for Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies, are not affected by blockchain technology and has no incentive to learn or use it at all. 🙂

Okay, now that’s out of the way ..

I’d like to write a series (C-for-Crypto-series) of basic how-to posts because blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, as the word implies, is a fascinating marriage of topics involving cryptography, computing/IT and finance/economics .. unfortunately, abstract topics for many. My wife isn’t interested and doesn’t care HAHA.

I won’t go deep into explaining how things work (there are a lot of good resources for that I’m not qualified), but instead write on what I did to learn and get to where I am, which is what most people need.

Pretty funny, by the way, how the crypto market tanked ($4000