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Updated: 19 Jul 2019 By evankoh posted on 19 Jul 2019 &nbsp- &nbsp126 views

Dividends – be it past, upcoming, or projected – is one of the most popular features in StocksCafe. I understand how important it is for them to be updated and accurate, and with this new feature, we are one step closer to that.

Not updated and inaccurate dividends
Often, users would write to me and highlight a dividend not reflected in StocksCafe even though the company has already announced it. This is usually due to a lag in update in my upstream data provider, which takes a few working days to have the new dividends updated.

In addition, users have recently highlighted that projected dividends are inaccurate, as some companies have already announced/projected the dividends that they will pay well ahead of time. Also, some dividends are oneoff and should not be projected forward.