Telekom Malaysia (TM) is a telecommunications company that began as the national telco of Malaysia. 2018 was a challenging year for the company as it faced regulatory pressure to provide broadband services at ‘double the speed, half the price‘.

Amidst declining market capitalisation, it was removed from the FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI in December 2018. Will TM continue to be paying a steady dividend to shareholders? I attended its recent annual general meeting to find out.

Here are nine things I learned from the 2019 TM AGM:

1. Revenue lowered by 2.2% year-on-year to RM11.8 billion in 2018. TM was particularly hit by the implementation of Mandatory Standard of Access Pricing (MSAP) in June 2018 that required telecommunications companies to double their broadband speed at half the price. Acting group CEO Imri Mokhtar does not foresee any further price reductions in 2019 which was reinforced by the Minister of