Without specific reason, I was prompted to update my blog. While deliberating for a topic, it struck me that my last H2F3 updates was 3-4 months ago. Refer here for what does H2F3 (Health, Hobbies, Family, Finance & Friends) means. Refer here for Q12019 H2F3 update.
So here I am, writing to update 2019Q2 H2F3. At the day of writing this article, I was reading Ray Dalio’s Book “Principles: Life and Work. One section of the book told about the “first principle of life”. It is summarized as. ·      Think For Yourself to decide: 1.     What do you want, 2.     What is true, 3.     What should do to achieve #1 in light of #2. You can also refer here for my previous blog on Ray Dalio’s video. I added these principles into my H2F3 priorities. Generally good with no sickness. Nonetheless my son is sick lately, but thank God, his health is restored completely now.