At Risk N Returns, I’m passionate about promoting sensible DIY investing through sharing my thoughts or documenting my investing journey. While I love to take calculated risks, I recognise that most Singaporeans don’t.

So here’s a relatively risk free way to invest your warchest or emergency funds with almost no lock-up period and generally higher yields than fixed deposits – the Singapore Savings Bond.

Here’s the latest issue details:

1. Latest SSB issue details

Issue Code: GX19070W
Amount Available: $350 million
Issue Date: 1 Jul 2019
Coupon Date: 1 Jan & 1 Jul
Maturity Date: 1 Jul 2029
Application: 3 Jun 6 pm to 25 Jun 9 pm
Results: 26 Jun 3 pm onwards

2. Interest Rate Trends

Rates across the board has gone up slightly month on month.

3. Growth of $10,000
4. Additional Resources and Guides

For more information, I’ve written an on how to buy SSBs.

Below are