It is a big honor to interview Mr. Ku Swee Yong, CEO of International Property Advisor, in Property Soul Podcast.

The full interview will be shown in 3 parts with the following topics:

Part I: Can The Market Absorb Upcoming Supply?

Part II: What Can We Buy In This Market?

Part III: Should I Buy Or Rent In Next 5 Years?

In the first episode “Can The Market Absorb Upcoming Supply?”, I will be asking Mr Ku 5 key questions:

1) Do you think there is a mismatch between new launch and take-up of new projects?

2) What strategies will developers adopt to clear unsold units?

3) What will happen to the leftover units after the initial launch?

4) Who are the buyers of new projects in this market?

5) What are the factors that will influence future demand?

You can now watch the podcast below. The video comes with