This video is a recording of the first part of my presentation “Singapore Property Market #10YearChallenge” at the SMART Expo on 30 March 2019 at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre.

The following topics are covered in Part I of the presentation:

1. 2009 Financial Crisis: The Property Market
– What happened to the property market during the 2009 financial crisis?
– How did property prices and transaction volumes suffer back then?
– What are the differences in sales and rental in different property sectors then and now?

2. Challenges of Developers and Home Buyers
– How did the en bloc, new sale and luxury markets undergo free fall from 2007 to 2008?
– How did developers react and survive the downturn?
– Why buyers ended up with lower or withdrawal of approved loans from banks?
– What did the government do to uplift the property market?

3. 2009 New Launches #10YearChallenge
– Which were the four types