For this post, I would like to share some basic financial metrics of REITs, there will be some repetitive metrics from  of REITs. All the information below can be extracted from REITs quarter presentation slide and quarter financial report.
1) Distribution per Unit (DPU)  & Dividend Yield
DPU = Distribution / Outstanding Shares
Dividend Yield = DPU / Share Price x 100%

DPU is the dividend (in dollar) that investor will receive for every number of share owned. Dividend yield is the dividend % that investor would receive for every $1 of share price. Dividend yield is generally calculated using trailing twelve months (TTM) dividend. For those counters which are less than 12 months, one could annualized the DPU to have a more accurate dividend yield. Dividend yield can be calculated base on your average share price (a.k.a. cost) or base on market price.

Again, do not buy solely based on dividend yield 2) Net Asset