Firstly, this post will not be me doing some hindsight analysis telling you that Hyflux has negative cashflow and then trying to sell you a course on how to identify companies like Hyflux. This post is an interview with myself, aka SingularityTruth, on what I currently think and feel about what is ongoing with Hyflux.

Here it goes.
Do you own any investment with Hyflux? Yes, I am an owner of Hyflux 6% Cumulative Preference Shares.
Do you regret buy into Hyflux preference shares?

No. As an income investor, I have been looking at many alternatives asset classes to diversify my portfolio. At that time, Hyflux preference shares totally fit my requirements, providing good income and is in the sector which is deem critical to the survival of the nation. Some investment will make money and some will lose money. This is part and parcel of investment. The only regret is