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On 28th Feb 2019, we held our first Facebook Live Stock Battle between the two largest exchanges in Southeast Asia, Bursa Malaysia vs Singapore Exchange.

It is a lively debate between our two co-founders, Willie Keng, CFA and Stanley Lim, CFA.

Here is the discussion and partial transcript for your viewing.

FULL Transcripts will be available for our Private VIA Club Members, to find out more about

Stanley:                     So, let’s get started. Just sharing some simple stats of these two companies; for Bursa Malaysia, it is of course listed on Bursa itself, and it has a market cap of 5.77 Billion Ringgit, as of the closing today when I checked. So, if we translate that to US Dollars, it’s roughly 1.42 Billion, it’s trading around 25.5 times its P/E, and giving you a 3.5% Dividend Yield, if you include the special dividend as