How do you feel after attending a course/workshop? 
Do you follow what was taught? 
Do you gain anything from the course? 
Did you take any action after the course?

These are the questions I kept asking myself after presenting various workshops and courses to the participants.

I always wonder if the participants gain anything from the workshop or even wondered if they took any actions?

Thus, I have been wanting to design a course where I am certain the participants had gained from it and took some actions. After all, I believe that should be the main reason why a participant will want to attend a course!

So after many months of planning and discussion with readers, I had finally came up with A.I.M., which meant “Actionable Ideas Movement“.

A.I.M. is a new course – Actionable Ideas Movement – that is designed by me..

The main AIM for this course is to: 

(1) introduce the HK and US market