Given how much my wife and I are investing into our Smartly and StashAway Singapore Robo-Advisor Accounts, I’m surprised by how little I write about their performance. And I don’t show a summary of our Smartly and StashAway portfolio values on my blog as well.

I try to include the values of the US ETFs purchased in our Smartly and StashAway accounts in the StocksCafe Portfolio. Which is actually shown on one of my blog pages. But I guess it’s better for me to start having dedicated blog pages to Smartly and StashAway since I have always been a big supporter of them from the beginning.

You can now check out my Smartly and StashAway portfolio values as blog pages. I have not included my wife’s accounts since it’s generally about 1.5 to 2 times in size and has twice the monthly automated cash inflows compared to my accounts.