(Source: https://www.timeshighereducation.com/books/review-a-culture-of-growth-joel-mokyr-princeton-university-press) Your career actually shares so much similarities to investing in the stock market. It is after all, also an investment – one where you trade in your time, existing experience and skillset (capital) for your salary, networking and further growth and development of your experience and skills.

You go to school to develop your education (reading up on investing in the stock market from the basics) and mentality (what is your target for investing into the market). The next step then entails internships and/or interviews. Your internships are akin to your initial foray into the stock market. You get a taste of your first professional experience relevant to your studies (research and/or playing with demo account). Applying for the right jobs and then preparing for your interview after being shortlisted is similarly akin to studying market returns, screening for the right stocks to shortlist