It’s the lunar new year period now and many people are done with their spring cleaning and rituals and what not. And everyone wishes and hopes the coming year will be prosperous and good.

And so, as usual, I wander around and look and see and observe.
Since young, my mum always told me of things to do, things not to do during the CNY period.
She would make preparations, buy new stuff, etc… and as I grew older, I noticed this was the norm for most people.

‚ÄčAnd she told me not to say unlucky things during the CNY period, which I deemed “Ok fine, not too unreasonable, no point being rude or negative any day, so CNY period shouldn’t be any different.”

What really gets to me is the amount of wastage that I see every year, my mum included, but it’s pretty much everyone else as well…

People do spring cleaning EVERY YEAR.