I think this may be something that most people don’t really talk about.
It’s always been the same story most of the time.
Work hard, save more, invest, then plan for early retirement…
And somehow, it always stops there.
It’s like… the answer magically appears after early retirement and all our problems are settled.
That’s hardly the case. It’s pretty much the beginning of the next journey.

Most of the time we know how much we need to spend every month, we multiply it by 12, input some rate of return we are expecting for X number of years and we get the magic number… the AUM required to retire.
And usually people inflate this by 50% or more as a margin for error so that they have a buffer, just in case they calculated wrongly.
So when it comes the time to retire, they have maybe 2x the magic number, which is great.

But… the thing is… even