30 Year Old target: Hitting $100k net worth I realized that I have not updated my 30 year old target after passing this milestone back in 2018.  The update is I did not manage to hit $100k net worth but instead only achieved $75k.  Funny enough, I am not upset about the miss. I have tried my best since becoming aware of things.  With time lost, there is only more pushing to be done in the upcoming years.  I just have more rebalancing to do in life to reach my long term goals pertaining to net worth. Rebalancing of Investments  My strongest current dilemma is on how/ when to rebalance my current holdings despite the decent performance in 2018.  With around 75% in Singtel and 25% in Alibaba, these are apparently extreme investment types. One is a stagnant yield play while the other is a exponential growth play with