Shockwaves are still reverberating from Asian Pay TV Trust’s crash down after announcing the large cut in their dividends. A lot of investors out there have steered clear of it and never bought into it in the first place; some others have bought in by acceptance of risk-for-reward either before or after the crash. I bought it in a past, and sold sometime soon after getting 1 quarter worth of dividends (net gain of $150 – I lost pocket change in capital loss).

I recalled how it was in essence Macaquire passing on debt by marketing the IPO of APTV, after unsuccessful attempt to divest. (Link )

This incident also made me thought of Hutchinson Port Holding Trust, another counter I had been monitoring since a couple of years ago. Yield seemed nice at that point but the outlook and the share’s performance just seemed abysmal.

This left a bad taste in my