Updates for my portfolio for November 2018

Still need a lot of work on my portfolio watchlist, looking to include shares from other developed nations. I kinda maxed my balance transfer monthly payment, let’s see how it affects me psychologically (if any). In addition, I’m back to the drawing board for my side venture, let’s see how it goes.

    • Subscribed to Keppel-KBS REIT Rights at 0.5
    • Notes
    • Share prices fell due to potential tax issues and rights
    • Managed to get slightly more than my position in terms of rights, although overall I applied for almost 2.5x of my position.
    • REIT made another acquisition which pushed up the yield further by a few % points
      • Sell Axos Financials 25.0 Put for 0.29
      • Reasons
      • Same as the last one, just that got a better premium (1.16%)
      • This is my second option sold, I’ll keep a record and …