Greetings from your Dad, aka Heartland Boy.

Congratulations on your safe arrival. We have all been eagerly anticipating this day to arrive. Your mum and I made the decision to enter parenthood despite not knowing how well we will be at it. We will inevitably fumble and struggle as we find ourselves having to grasp the new-found responsibilities thrown at us. To help us become better at parenting, we decided to make 10 promises that will serve as a moral compass throughout this new journey.

  1. You will be loved. Mum and I believe that you are born to parents who will love and cherish your existence in this world. This love will be unconditionally gifted to you as we wish you a life of love and joy.
  1. Growing up, you will be given lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Don’t worry, Mum and Dad walk the talk on …